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Professional Pool Liner Repair in Bel Air, MD

Owning a swimming pool comes with so many perks – an easy escape from the heat of the sun, a daily form of exercise, and added fun for parties and other celebrations. Everybody loves a swimming pool because who doesn’t enjoy plunging into cool, refreshing water? However, with a swimming pool comes one thing that nobody enjoys – pool maintenance. So when you are in need of any pool service such as cleaning, installation or pool liner repair in Bel Air, MD, you can always rely on the expertise of Backyard Basics.

What is a Pool Liner?

The pool’s liner is a sheet of vinyl between the pool structure and water which is meant to tightly fit into the shape of the pool. This is designed to protect the structure and extend its longevity. However, pool liners also acquire damages at one point in time including cuts and leaks. It loses its resiliency because of exposure to harsh weather conditions and to direct sunlight. And because a vinyl pool liner can be quite expensive, it is good to keep some repair supplies on hand or have an expert technician on speed dial to ensure that whatever damage ia acquired, it is handled properly as soon as possible.

Another possible cause of a damaged liner is due to poor installation. If the liner was not fitted perfectly from the start, it will not take long before it tears apart or starts to sag. So, the best way to avoid premature damages is to make certain that the pool liner is properly installed, and you can only ensure this by seeking the expertise of trained and experienced swimming pool technicians.

Backyard Basics has over 15 years of experience providing repairs and maintenance service for all types of pools. So if you are in need of pool liner repair in Bel Air, MD, their team is always ready to take on the project, ensuring the highest quality services at very competitive prices. For more details on what they can do for you, you can give them a call at (443) 854-2011.


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